To celebrate the achievements of the Australian team at the Tokyo Olympics, I've put together the Green & Gold art edit.

You're welcome.


Emerald green is the colour of the moment, appearing everywhere from Fashion Week to interior design. It's an opulent and sensuous colour that goes well with navy, white, cool grey, as well as warmer colours, like gold, peach, rose, ruby red and pink.

It brings to mind velvety moss and forest hues, which is why it's great way to bring the outdoors inside, by adding it to your decor.  I'm just loving dark green at the moment and find I am using it more and more in my paintings.


Golden Yellow

Warm sunny colours can warm your heart, even on the coldest winery day. Adding just a pop of gold or yellow to your home will instantly lift the whole room. The best things about it, is that it goes with everything!