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Degas' ballet dancer

Edgar Degas (1834 – 1914) is one of my all time favourite artists for this sketching technique and his use of line. Among his many works, his drawings and paintings of the ballerinas are my most treasured. He can quickly capture the stance and body language of a ballet dancer in a few quick brush strokes or lines. So when the Firestation Print Studio in Armadale put a call-out to artists for contemporary works in the style of another, I did not hesitate to do a homage to Degas.

My inspiration was Degas’ "Ballet dancer with arms crossed" (c 1872), as I love the colour and the simplicity. I have named mine "Degas' dancer."

The original work I’ve referenced is a painting, whereas mine is a mono print on paper. Degas produced many prints and photographs during his lifetime although he is more well known for his oil paintings.

After Image is on display at Firestation Print Studio from 31 May – 24 June 2012. 2 Wills Street, Armadale. See for further details.

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