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Lost of lovers of the 18th century

These collages are inspired old fashion lovers’ keepsakes, such as cameos (small relief carved portraits) and painted miniatures of the 18th century and later, oval shaped lockets that contained one or more photographs. Such ornaments might be worn by those separated from their loved ones and were usually made of precious materials including ivory, jade, gold or silver, as befitting their status as decorative jewelry.

I imagine these two star-crossed lovers from the 18th century as being tragically separated by circumstances beyond their control. Their parting gift to each other, a miniature portrait, served as a reminder of their young love. These modern relics are now all that remains of a love long lost.

You can catch these two at the I like pretty things exhibition, showing at the Melbourne City Library from 2 June to 29 June 2016.

Above: 'Blue beard', and 'Pretty in pink", 2015, paper collage on plywood, 46cm x 48cm framed, for sale individually or as a pair. Contact artist for enquires.

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