Introducing the class of 2016

In anticipation of our upcoming graduate exhibition for the Diploma of Visual Arts Box Hill Institute & CAE painting and printing majors, here's a preview of what to expect. With 22 artists and approximately 100 pieces of art, there's a lot to take in. Here's a taste of what to expect ahead of the event.

Fay Abromwich print

Fay Abromwich has produced a body of work in drypoint etching and linocuts, described as ‘universal abstraction’. The work is inspired by Kriya Yoga meditation practices.

Bryce Aston landscape painting

Bryce Aston paints bold abstracts, beautiful landscapes and abstract landscapes. His interest in photography is evident in some of his paintings. Here is an example a landscape.

Paul Barnes "Bon Voyage" detail

Paul Barnes' figurative paintings are suggestive of bygone era, invoking feelings of nostalgia and loss. This is a detail of his largest painting titled "Bon Voyage".

Jeremy Boland portait painting

Jeremy Boland has an interest in portraiture. This is one of his paintings that will be included in the end of year exhibition.

Janet Broughton mixed media

Janet Broughton's experience as an interior designer is evident is her gorgeous miniature interior scenes.

Samantha Castellas "Bear hug"

Samantha Castellas produces work is about her life and her intimate relationships., including this painting of her cuddly bear called "Bear Hug."

Deborah Chubb "the gift"