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A poem: Don’t wait for prince charming

Diamond princess painting Leah Mariani

Romeo, oh Romeo! Wherefore out thou Romeo?

Where did you go? When will you show?

Are you working away, amassing your gold

While I wait here patiently, growing old?

My dear Prince Charming are you busy searching the globe

While I shop online and invest in my expanding wardrobe?

Hopefully you’ll be here soon to rescue me from my tower,

Where I live as a princess; a delicate flower.

For my fragile glass slippers are not very sturdy

So I sit here quietly, silently, trying not to get dirty.

How long must I wait for my knight in shinning amour?

I pass the time envisioning a romantic charmer.

I’m a splendid day dreamer floating high in the sky,

But one day I will fall, when I acknowledgement my lie.

For the days, months and years will pass before my eyes,

While my skin starts to wither and my dreams slowly die.

I’ll be left with regret and the missed opportunities

Because I waited for Mr Right to free me of insecurity.

So escape I must, this existence of languid obscurity

And dismiss the importance of ‘demurely’ and ‘purity’.

Instead I will roam and follow the sun,

Meet lots of people and fuck just for fun.

And when the sun finally sets and my days are near done

I’ll recall feeling free and of regret I’ll know none.

So sorry Prince Charming, I cannot sit and wait.

I must get on with my life and the task of being great.

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