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Mixed media on paper,

76cm x 56cm.

Requires framing.

Free shipping within Australia.


This work considered the stereotypes of women that are taught to our children. Here we have a girl who is praying with an apple on her head. Whilst apples are healthy and good for you, they also represent temptation. This apple references the forbidden fruit in the story of Adam and Eve. Eve is said to have convinced Adam to eat fruit from the forbidden tree and therefore she is punished with childbearing and a subservient role to her husband. Some early theologians believed that the forbidden fruit was Eve’s sexuality.


Eve is portrayed in this work as a small figure reaching up for the apple. She is wearing sexually provocative clothing however, she also has angle wings which present the belief that a woman is inherently good and motherly. These contradictory stereotypes that exist within Christianity and beyond are still pervasive today and are confusing for children to interpret.


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    Free standard postage within Australia. Quotes for postage oversea available upon request.

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