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Leah Marie Mariani

ABN 60 749 478 239

Surrey Hills, Australia 3127 


About the artist

I'm a Melbourne based artist making art about identity and relationships. I am deeply interested in people and what makes them behave the way they do. It's the age old question of nature versus nurture. Are we born or are we made? I am particularly interested in the way society and familial expectations mould us into gender conforming ways of behaviour.


I draw on my experience as a woman and a mother, and resultantly most of my work is about childhood and womanhood. I am a passionate advocate of women’s issues and gender equality, which is a constant theme in my work. I also write about art, fashion and feminism on my blog.

I have an interest in pattern and include it in nearly all my work through collaged fabric and paper. I have an extensive collection of fabrics and decorative paper. My attraction to pattern comes from my love of order, but more importantly I like the flat, decorative element it adds.  I predominately work in oils but also dabble in paper collage and printmaking.

In 2012 I held my first solo show and have been averaging one every two years. I've been shortlisted for a number of prestigious Australian awards, including the Marie Ellis Drawing Prize, Lethbridge 10,000, Hornsby Art Prize, Agendo and the Metro Art Prize. My work is held in private collections worldwide, as well as the Albert Park College public collection and the Image Mundi project.

Recently I completed a Graduate Certificate of Visual Art at VCA. Prior to that I completed a Diploma of Visual Arts at Box Hill Institute.

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