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I like pretty things

Our society places great value on things that look nice: especially woman who are valued on the basis of beauty. It starts with young girls who are told they are pretty (rather than clever or kind) and continues right up into adulthood where female politicians are criticised on their appearance rather than their policies. It implies that a woman's personality is less valued than how she looks and leads women to spending countless hours and dollars on their appearance. 


Men look at women, women watch themselves being looked at. It is an unavoidable truth. You might even say it’s natural. Then why does it make us comfortable? Why do we have a love-hate relationship with sexual objectification? I like pretty things, explores our relationship with female objectification in the fashion industry.


The illustrations reference advertising material where models appear languid and look longingly at the camera. In many of the drawings the woman's face is obscured, removing her identity and cementing the point that we view women as objects. Descriptions of women such as "foxy", “chicks” and "birds inform the narrative of my illustrations. We often refer to women as innate objects or small fluffy cute animals, subconsciously indoctrinating ourselves into thinking of women as things to be eaten or consumed. On first glance the illustrations may appear to be mere fashion illustrations, but upon closer inspection a deeper, darker meaning reveals itself.

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