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  • Acrylic & oil on wood panel.

    45cm in diameter.

    Ready to hang. Free shipping within Australia.


    In ancient Greek mythology, Andromeda is the daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia, king and queen of ancient Ethiopia. Yet Andromeda is nearly always depicted as fair skinned.

    She marries Perseus, who fresh from severing Medusa’s head, rescues Andromeda from a sea monster off the coast of Ethiopia. Perseus and Andromeda return to Greece and have seven sons: Perses, Alcaeus, Heleus, Mestor, Sthenelus, Electryon, and Cynurus; and two daughters, Autochthe and Gorgophone. Their children, who feature in stories from Greek mythology, are also depicted as white.

    Andromeda’s name means 'ruler of men' or 'I protect/rule over.’ She has a constellation named after her in the Northern Sky which contains the Andromeda Galaxy. ✨


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