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  • Acrylic & oil on screen printed canvas

    91cm x 61cm (h x w) unframed

    Ready to hang. Free shipping within Australia.


    In Greek mythology, Danaë was an Argive princess who was locked in a tower to prevent her from conceiving a son. The tower had no doors or windows and only a sky-light for light and air. Zeus, the king of the gods, saw her and desired her, and so he came down to her in the form of golden rain which streamed in through the sun roof and into her womb.


    The story of Danaë has strong connections with the later story of Rapunzel. Both young women were imprisoned in a tower. I’ve tried to capture something of them both in this painting. 


    The tower in which Rapunzel was trapped, however, had a window. Through the window she let down her long stream of golden hair to allow her lover up into her tower and she too inevitably became pregnant.


    In both cases the women were disowned by their jailers and cast out in the hope they would perish. In both cases, they were saved by their lover and they both lived to see the birth of their child and to live a long life.


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