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  • Acrylic & oil on screenprinted canvas

    91cm x 61cm (h x w) unframed

    Ready to hang. Free shipping within Australia.


    This painting is about a woman finding her voice, inspired by Persephone from Greek mythology. Persephone was a Greek goddess, the daughter of Demeter & Zeus. Her beauty caught the eye of Hades, God of the Underworld, who fell in love with her from afar. Hades asked her father Zeus for her hand in marriage, he consented although he noted that Demeter would never acquiesce. So, Hades decided to abduct Persephone. He rose from the Underworld and carried Persephone off in his chariot to live with him underground.

    The original story is told from the perspective of Persephone's mother, Demeter, and does not give much attention to the thoughts and feelings of Persephone herself. This painting is a depiction of Persephone's reaction to being abducted. She is not happy about it. She is using her voice. 


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