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Information regarding commissions

If you're interested in commissioning an artwork, but not sure how it works, please refer to my standard terms & conditions below.

1. Portrait commissions

I may accept portrait requests on the basis of a photo but it depends on the quality of the photo provided. I do require more than one photo of the subject to get a feel for how they look. Generally, I would prefer to meet the subject and take the photos myself, but this is not always possible due to long distance. Please note, I am not a photo realist painter. I aim to capture the feel or personality of the subject which is why I prefer to work from a range of photos. Also, portrait commissions will only be painted in a medium and style which is consistent with my artistic practice.

2. Timing

I'm a slow painter and paintings take a minimum of three months from commencement to drying. Depending on the size and the materials requiring to be sourced, it may take up to six months. So if you have a particular deadline or occasion you are working towards, please plan ahead!

3. Payment

A 40% non-refundable deposit is required prior to commencement, to cover materials and preparation. The final payment is due upon completion, before the painting is delivered. Payment plans are also available if you would like to pay for your painting over a number of months.

3. Progress updates

Before commencement, there will be a discussion in which the size, colours, composition and materials will be agreed upon. Towards the end of the process, when the painting is nearly complete, there will be an opportunity to view the painting and provide feedback and request amendments.

4. Rejected artworks

I want you to love your painting and every effort will be made to accommodate requests and changes. But if, for whatever reason, you decide not to buy the painting once it is completed, then the painting will remain my property, to sell as I please. However, rest assured, this has never happened.

5. Hanging

Completed paintings will arrive ready to hang, with a wire across the back. Colours and fabrics on the front of the painting will wrap around the side of the canvas. Framing options are available at an additional cost. Artists usually get a discount at their local framers and I am happy to organise professional framing prior to delivery.

6. Copyright

Physical ownership is different to copyright ownership. Copyright generally resides with the creator of the work. As the artist, I reserve the right to use images of commissioned artworks on my website and social media. However, no further products, such as limited edition prints or gift cards, will be created or released in relation to a commissioned artwork. 

Additionally, any reference photos or other material provided by the client in relation to a commissioned artwork, remains the property of the client and will not be shared or used in the production of further artworks without prior written consent.

7. Postage & delivery

The quoted price includes standard delivery to anywhere in Australia. Smaller artworks will be sent via Australia Post and left in a safe place when no one is home. Contact me directly to organise overseas delivery or alternative delivery arrangements. 

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