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The year that was

Well it's that crazy time of year again, with Christmas just around the corner. I'd like to take a minute to reflect on the year that's been and to thank everyone for your continued support.

The year started with my New Years resolution not to buy clothes for a whole year (only a few weeks to go!) and it got more interesting from there. The Other Art Fair hosted by Saatchi Art was held in Melbourne for the first time and it was an exciting experience to be a part of it. Held over 4 days, it was not like anything I'd done before. It allowed me to interact with a wide range of art lovers from all walks of life.

My painting, Pass Me My Gun Dear was nominated as a finalist for the OBI Art Prize. The prize theme 'respect' is intended to promote tolerance for minority communities, which was very apt in light of the same sex marriage act that has just recently been passed. I was very pleased to be a part of the finalist exhibition.

The cold Melbourne winter saw the completion of a few commissions and by spring I set to planning a new body of work. It was also an eventful year on a personal front with my husband and I celebrating 10 years of marriage and both our 40th birthdays.

2018 looks set to be even busier year with a return to school for me. I will be undertaking a part-time Post Graduate Certificate at the Victorian Collage of the Arts (VCA). It's always been a dream of mine to study at VCA and I look forward to exploring the first class printing facilities and meeting new people in the field.

There are two Melbourne exhibitions planned for next year. The first will be a combined show with fellow artist Chris Aspland, inspired by Alice in Wonderland (see more here). The second will be a solo show at Tacit Gallery in Collingwood, based on my I Am Just a Girl series. I can't wait!

More often that not, it's the feedback I receive from others that encourages me to move forward in my art. So thank you for your feedback and support during this year that was. I look forward to an exciting and busy 2018. Don't forget to sign up to email updates to stay informed of upcoming exhibition details.

Merry Christmas everyone! Stay safe.

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