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Image by engin akyurt
Mythical women

This series is inspired by the women in Greek Mythology. These female character experience passion and tragedy and at times little control over their fate. My interest started with story of Medusa. Not knowing a lot about her previously, I was surprised to discover that she’d never hurt anyone while she was alive. Although often portrayed as a monster, she hid in a cave during her lifetime to avoid causing harm to others. It was only in self-defence (when men came in search of her) and in post-mortem that her head was used as a weapon.


It got me wondering about how many other female Greek deities had been misrepresented in art and popular culture and it started me a journey of research and discovery. In addition to Medusa, this series considers the stories of Pandora, the Three Fates Persephone and Pandora. Check out the blog for a deep dive into the stories of Medusa, Persephone and Pandora.

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