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Where to buy affordable art in Melbourne & beyond

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

I often get asked where to buy affordable art n and around Melbourne. Many people feel intimidated to walk into an empty, sterile commercial gallery. Or else they don't have the time to drive all around town. So I've put together a cheeky little list to save you time and money.

Image from Steps Gallery, Carlton


There are so many fantastic and affordable art galleries around Melbourne. Don't be afraid to go inside and speak to the gallerist about what you like. They usually represent a wide selection of artists and have more to offer than what's on display. Some affordable art galleries in Melbourne and beyond are:

- Art to Art (North Balwyn)

- Forman Art (Burwood)

- Manyung (Malvern, Sorrento, Mount Eliza & Flinders)

- Flinders Lane (Melbourne CBD)

- Gallery Smith (North Melbourne)

- Tacit (Collingwood)

- Linden New Art (St Kilda)

- Sophie Gannon (Richmond)

- Eagles Nest (Aireys Inlet)

Leah Mariani art on


There are a number of reputable on-line galleries that support independent artists and accept returns from buyers. They periodically have sales, so sign up to newsletters to find out when they are. Art Lovers Australia and Bluethumb support local artists and offer limited edition prints.

- ArtLovers Australia (Australia)

- Bluethumb (Australia)

- ArtPharmacy (Australia)

- SaatchiArt (Worldwide)



Emerging art prizes are a great way to discover an up and coming artist. They may also offer something different and unexpected. Here are just a two of the emerging art awards in Australia:

Leah Mariani at the Other Art Fair


Art fairs are a good way to see a lot of art in one spot. Many schools host art fairs to raise money. Some affordable art fairs in Melbourne include:

- The Other Art Fair (Melbourne & Sydney)

- Affordable Art Fair (Melbourne & Overseas)

- Albert Park Collage Art Show (Albert Park, Vic)

- Art 4 All (Fairfield, Vic)

- Grammar Art Show (Toowoomba, Qld)


About the author

Leah Mariani is a Melbourne artist, making art about womanhood and childhood, with a feminist twist. She has her own blog about art, fashion and. feminism. You can follow her art on Instagram @leahmarianiartspace. For more information on what's on near you sign up to art-news here.

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