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Art to Art Unearthed Prize

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Wow, what a week it's been! Amongst the stress and doom of Coronavirus reporting came some unexpected good news: the winner of the Art to Art 2020 Unearthed Prize is ....well, me. Who would have thought?

For those who don't know, Art to Art is a local gallery run by Philippa Demase in North Balwyn. Philippa loves colour and represents a large stable of Australian artists. If you haven't been to one of their exhibitions, check them out: the artwork is amazing.

This year they launched their first Unearthed Prize in search of some new talent and I entered on a whim, not expecting to be selected. I entered two works based on my "princess" theme and low and behold, 'Princess and the Pea,' was selected and exhibited along side 24 other unrepresented artists.

There are some incredible bargains to be had amongst these finalist. Each artwork is 24 x 20 inches and framed (equates to approx. 63cm x 53cm), and priced at only $500. Not surprisingly, many have sold. I was so honoured to be included amongst so many talent artists, including Grace Foo-Barton who took out the People's Choice Award. The Unearthed Prize was determined based on the votes of the existing Art to Art stable and as the winner, I too, have joined their ranks.

You can view all the Unearthed finalists at Art to Art until Friday 20 March or view them online here: Some of the finalist's artworks are still up for grabs, so check them out. The next Art to Art exhibition, 'Original Artwork Under $2K' will be launched on 14 March and will include some of my new work. So stay tuned.

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